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September 5, 2014

The marketing guys at the factory have been hard at work creating some new promotional material recently and their latest offering is this video.

Its well worth watching….

This is part of our new global website which contains some very good, up-to-date information about some of the CompuTrainer features.
If you have doubts about which indoor trainer you should choose for your training this winter then hopefully these will answer your questions.
I suggest that you click on the following links

Electronic Flywheel

Sports Specific training

Spin Scan

Dynamic Drag factor


Please also have a look at some of the testimonials from world class athletes and coaches who choose to use CompuTrainer because of the reasons outlined above. Note that these athletes are sponsored by us but have no contract or payments and approach us. We never approach athletes about sponsorship.

One of the worlds top cycling coaches Max Testa (great name for a cycle coach, huh!) who works with BMC said this

“A training strategy should emphasise specificity. I feel confident suggesting CompuTrainer when I recommend an indoor trainer to cyclists and triathletes”


If you are currently in the market for an indoor trainer then we have 20 units left in our “Summer Sale”. UK purchasers can have their CompuTrainer delivered for £1350.

To place your order just respond to this email


Interview with Age group triathlete Eric Blaikie

August 15, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost serious triathletes that I know have an ambition to qualify for Kona. Some are able to make this dream come true very quickly, others never and some just keep plugging away until it happens, often when they least expect it.

Eric Blaikie falls squarely into the 3rd category. At the age of 57 and after 30 attempts he finally managed to qualify at Ironman Canada in 2011. [Read more…]


Six from Six

August 1, 2014

Sarah Haskins - Pregnant 2.001

Sarah Haskins – pregnant but still riding

We’ve often talked about how CompuTrainer can help you boost your bike power almost immediately. [Read more…]



July 3, 2014

If you are a triathlete then you may know that Boulder is the place where a large percentage of professional triathletes live and train. So when there’s a big race in the locality you can be sure that they will all be on the starting line (assuming they are healthy of course)

And when that happens the racing will be of the highest quality. Which is why the results of the most recent Boulder 70.3 are significant.

CompuTrainer athletes DOMINATED the podium with the top 4 women and 2 of the top 3 men. And 4 of them were GB triathletes. All of them using CompuTrainers regularly in their training programme

Professional athletes know a thing or two about selecting the equipment that helps them win races which is why they choose to ride a CompuTrainer. We only pay them win bonuses. No salary.

If it works for them think about how a CompuTrainer can help you!
Boulder-2014-Winners-Circle2 edited


Have you seen our Tour de France special offer. We’ve dropped the price to levels unseen for over 6 years to celebrate the Tour visiting Yorkshire. 

This offer lasts until midnight, Sunday 6 July.

Take advantage now before the price goes back up

CLICK HERE for the Tour de France special offer

try before you buy

CompuTrainer Rental

Rent A CompuTrainer

Still deliberating over buying the best indoor bike trainer on the market despite our P.I.G. 10% improvement in 5 months money back guarantee?

Then you can now rent a CompuTrainer to see if it really is the product for you!

CopmuTrainer Rental Information
elite age grouper



"The combination of Watts, Cadence, HR and the computer pacer are all great tools and really helped me stay motivated and hit my targets in the hardest sessions".

Dion Harrison, UK

CompuTrainer Testimonials
winner takes all

CT Owners Comp

Transformation Competition

Owners: You know how good the product is but if you haven't seen the gains yet then maybe you haven't been trying hard enough.

Competition usually stirs something in most athletes and with a bit of money thrown in for the winner - even better!!

Transformation Competition